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Dr.Mahmood , I wanted to send my deepest gratitude to you and you surgical partners for the outstanding care you gave me for my shattered shin incurred when i was struck by a pickup truck on May 14.
Being independent and active has been so important to me as a retired widow, as my three grown children that you met may have told you. I had never broken any bones, been admitted to the hospital, or undergone any surgery in 67 years of my life. My family and I were also completely unfamiliar with considerations of insurance coverage for motor vehicle-related personal injuries. Although in hindsight, I know that I was very fortunate not to have brain or spinal damage, this accident was a davastating shock.
I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding skills as an orthopedic surgeon for my shattered shin. My oldest daughter said the bones in the X-rays looked beautiful! In addition , your kindness in working late to fit both of my surgeries into your busy schedule, on that first day and the second within 5 days, out of consideration for my insurance challanges, truly differentiates you as a model surgeon and doctor. I feel blessed to have you as my doctor, and believe you truly made the difference in my recovery.
My children and i are very encouraged by the post-surgical X-rays on my left-leg. I know I have a long road of my recovery ahead of me, but hope to regain my mobility again.
Thank you again, and my best wishes to you and your team!
CUC Nguyen

I had an accident on 2/14/14 had 3 fractures and total dislocation in my left ankle, l MET Dr. MAHMOOD in St. Joseph hospital in Wayne, he operated on my foot, and I am really glad he was the Dr available that day, he really took the time and explained my situation, did great job fixing my foot, I will recommend him to anyone who might have similar case, he is really good and knows exactly what he has to do. Very knowledgeable, and very persise answering any question his patient might have. Glad he is my doctor.
Naila A

I trust the care of myself and family (all 4 of us) only with Dr. Mahmood. He accurately diagnoses the issue and is quick to respond and recommend a treatment. He has performed emergent surgeries on two of us both which could not have turned out any better. We are back to our active lifestyles without any issues. Thank God for Dr. M.
Heidi K

Dr. Mahmood is one of the best I’ve ever come across. I have had 3 other opinions regarding the condition in my neck and I chose Dr. Mahmood to perform the procedure. From the first day I met him I knew he was the one. Unlike the other opinions I had before he doesn’t look at someone else’s MRI readings. First he did a thorough exam and then actually looks at my films (not the report) with me and explains to me what he feels is he prelims in a way I can fully understand. Two other surgeons told me I needed a two level surgery, another told me one possible two levels. Dr. Mahmood told me that based on his exam finding the pain in my arm and fingers was coming from one level. I ended up trusting my care to him, and he did a one level surgery During the healing process he addressed all my concerns, and now 6 months later I am happy to report I am pain free.
Frank C

I met Dr. Mahmood initially with complaints of leg pain. I was diagnosed with a disc herniation. He sat down explained my condition in detail, answered every question (unlike many other opinions I had seen before), and was honest with me. From my first visit my wife and I trusted him completely. He talked to us as a friend at “out level” and not down to us as many doctors do with their patients. We tried conservative treatments at first (i.e. Physical Therapy and Injections with another great doctor he recommended). I did improve but not the point where I was satisfied. After further discussion he went over the operative procedure in detail and just like the fist visit answered all questions. I went into surgery with no doubt in my mind that I was under the care of a great physician, and human being. Today I am happy to report I am pain free.
John F

He spends time with his patients and doesn’t rush them out to see the next to maximize numbers. His staff is really nice. His PA and secretary are very sweet and accommodating. My mother asked the same question 4 times, he never got frustrated, just answered her each time as if he was being asked for the first time. Gem of a human being. Did a great job with her hip surgery, we lucked out.
Lauren P

Made me feel very relaxed upon our meeting in the ER in St Joes, Paterson! I had a broken radius (arm)! I had no fear going into surgery and no pain after surgery! I met Dr Mahmood in the Emergency Room at St Joe’s Hospital in Paterson after breaking my wrist coaching Ice Hockey. I never had experienced such pain. Upon his arrival into my bay, He reassured me that after surgery, I’d be relatively pain free . At the moment, I couldn’t imagine that to be true. Well, his confidence calmed me down. I left the Hospital just as He said, not in pain! Eight weeks later, he was absolutely true to his word. Confidence,Great Bedside Manner and Superb Surgical Skill= a Doc’s “Hat-Trick” (a hockey term for scoring three goals!)..
Lisa V

My daughter blew out her ACL last year while playing soccer. It was a scary time for us as she is a competitive athlete and plays year round. Dr. M was recommended to us by her trainer and two separate physical therapists whom we trust and have known for years. Dr. M put us as ease as he explained the injury and the various treatment options. We had done extensive research online about the different surgical options and he was familiar and capable to perform all, but collectively we decided what was best for her. She is playing this year better than ever. Thank God for Dr. M.
Mark M

Can’t praise this doctor enough… I had major back surgery and was scared to death… His bedside manner and compassion eased my mind and after 8 hours in the OR and a relatively quick recovery he has given me back my life! I refer all my friends and family and wouldn’t consider anyone else! He is truly wonderful at his craft!
Donna W

This doctor is amazing. He is so nice with the patients and really takes the time to answer each and every one of your questions. He really makes you feel at ease . I have been suffering from back problems for over 4 years with numerous procedures and surgeries and Dr. Mahmood has given me hope that I will be able to have a better quality of life. I will be having surgery really soon and I am looking forward to being pain free. I recommend him and his staff to anyone. He is an excellent health care provider.
Sandra H

Made me and my family very comfortable. Took the time to explain my condition and the available treatment options. I was there to see him for second opinion and switched to him because my family and I were much more comfortable in the care of his hands.
Joseph L

Dr. Mahmood made sure to explain everything thoroughly & I could understand. He is extremely friendly & the office staff is helpful. He spent alot of time with me and didn’t rush through my appointment. I’ve been to many orthopaedics & Dr. Mahmood is the best.
Lisa K

He’s very straight forward. Explains everything to you! He’s a Dr. who listens. I’m truly happy that I decided to visit this office. The staff is very, very helpful! They greet you with a smile and try to help you as much as possible!
Michelle M

As a physician myself Dr. Mahmood is the only spine surgeon I trust for the care of me and my loved ones.  I find his care to be above and beyond what is expected as a physician.  His array of medical knowledge and treatments is impressive as is his bedside manner.  I have recommended him to all my colleagues and friends for these reasons and more.
Robert S

True medecine…the only doctor I have seen for months. Going way above and beyond the surgery which was miraculous when I was totally out of it and my life was in his hands. I was told how fantastically unbelievably he was in accident situation and going over everything with family members who came from 3 continents. Greatly appreciated
Dr. Mahmood is the best !!! I trust him whole heartedly!!!
Patty O

Dr. Mahmood discovered a very rare spine disorder in our 11 years old son that went undetected for 11 years. The condition would have eventually paralyzed him, or even worse. He performed the surgery with precision and achieved the best outcome.
Tara E

For 3 months I suffered from severe leg pain and unfortunately had no relief from injections and therapy. I finally decided to have the discectomy, something I should have done from the get go. In the recovery room immediately after the surgery I had complete relief of my leg pain. Great doc would recommend him without hesitation.
Andrew G